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Graphic Encounters SEO Services are dedicated to achieving first page rankings, using the latest Google’s algorithm and Internet Marketing methods. If you are looking for a dependable, sustainable and ongoing online growth, then contact us.

Things you should know about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are several reasons why SEO and achieving #1 on Google takes time and why you need to be patient: Most link juice (PR Weight) is passed from your backlinks to your website within 6 months and not all at once. Learn more about Google PR Weight Flow.

The more competitive your keywords are, the more time it is necessary for you to get high rankings on Google.

Google has developed its algorithms so that it is now using psychological pressure – when you get new backlinks, at first your rankings drop down, and only with some time they come back and get higher than they were before. Experts at SEOmoz and other SEO resources and forums, noticed this too. Google actually says about this in their own patent 8,244,722.

So when your rankings start to dance (drop down, improve, again drop down and again improve, etc.), it means that everything is going fine. Just stick to your natural link building plan and, with some time, your situation will become more stable for old keywords (for which you’ve got many old backlinks). Learn more about 4 reasons why your site rankings may drop.

You cannot (at least should NOT) buy all backlinks that you need in order to outrank your competition within just 1 day or even 1 month. In order to look natural, your link building campaign should be gradual and you should buy new links gradually, on a weekly basis. So it also takes some time.

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